Since 1990 SHORE has provided over $1 million to benefit Scituate High School. Through applied grants, we provide financial support to the 3 A’s: Academics, Athletics & Arts. SHORE provides opportunities for the staff and students of SHS to explore their potential with materials and experiences beyond the regular classroom. Please click on the Grant History menu item to view the recent grant history.

We are excited to continue the SHORE tradition with a brand new Executive Board! With the guidance of past board members, our new board is hopeful to bring more SHORE grant funding options to the students and staff at SHS with some new fundraising and parent/caregiver support opportunities. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated!

If you have any questions about SHORE, please email us at scituateshore@gmail.com.


Meredith Nelson & Stephanie Vaccarino

Co-Presidents, SHORE

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

—Eleanor Roosevelt



SHS Community Arts & Crafts Fair Success!!


We had over 100 volunteers helping over Friday (set up) and Saturday (30-35% being students; making signs, preparing the 2 gyms for the fair, helping artisans load and unload their products from their cars and bringing to their booth space, helping some set up their space, checking in with artists how how they were doing…

Approximately 1500 shoppers came through the doors and both artisans and SHORE had an incredibly successful day!

Lots of positive artisan feedback!

“Students and volunteers were so considerate, friendly and helpful. I  especially liked that the volunteers helped unload and load crafts from car to booth which made the entire experience from start to finish very enjoyable.”

“I have been participating in fairs for about 20 years (although none this large) and I have to say this was the most organized event I have ever experienced. 

1. I love that you can set-up the day before (in spite of this years weather).
2. All those working the fair were very kind and helpful.
3. Advertising brought a steady stream of customers all day. Never can advertise too much.
4. Being given 10 raffle tickets felt very generous and was happy that I won an item and can now try another vendors product.
5. Communication before the event was great too.

I had a very successful day and hope to participate again next year.”